How to treat severe sore throat at home?

Trouble with the throat happens with almost everyone, and someone is pursued periodically. They begin in different ways: first there is hoarseness of voice, tickling, general malaise, and sometimes the throat is immediately inflamed. In all cases, a common problem is seriously troubling: severe pain in the throat when swallowing with or without fever.

Symptoms of sinusitis and treatment in adults at home

Sinusitis is a latent disease, as the symptoms are very common and simple, so in the initial stages it is easy to confuse with ordinary SARS or runny nose. The process of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses occurs imperceptibly, the main thing is to recognize sinusitis in adults in time and start treatment. To do this, at home can be used - antibiotics, folk remedies, drops, as well as rinsing the nose with various solutions.

Atrial fibrillation of the heart: causes and methods of treatment

Atrial fibrillation is one of the most common forms of heart rhythm disorder. Another name for pathology is atrial fibrillation. In the presence of this disease, a person complains of sudden attacks of tachycardia. At these moments it seems to him that the heart is about to "jump out of the chest." Sometimes other sensations are possible, as if the heart stops for a few seconds, after which it begins to beat with a vengeance.

Varicose veins of the pelvis - symptoms and treatment in women

Varicose veins of the pelvis in women is provoked by such a phenomenon as the re-injection of blood through the ovarian vein, occurring against the background of squeezing of blood vessels. The trigger for the development of the disease is pregnancy, namely the hormonal changes observed during this period and the increasing pressure of the uterus on the pelvic vessels.