How to choose the best ointment for herpes on the lips?

Every second inhabitant of the planet has come across a cold on their lips at least once in their lives, and the herpes virus itself lives in almost every one of us. The question is - how often does he show himself? Someone never suffers from this, but someone is less fortunate and has to constantly search for, than smear herpes on the lip, so that it passes faster.

The most common treatment for herpes (colds on the lips) can be called antibacterial and antiviral ointment. These ointments should be used immediately, in the initial stages of the disease, as soon as you feel that the skin on the inner surface of the lips and the corners of the mouth begins to tingle, pinch, itch and redden. It is forbidden to scratch these places, otherwise herpes can be spread to other parts of the face.

If you do not start therapy in the first 1-2 days after the onset of herpes on the lip, then it will be quite difficult to get rid of inflammation, and the rehabilitation period will last for a long time.

Why is herpes worsening happening?

Exacerbation of herpes is preceded by a weakening of the body’s immune defenses. When the body's natural defenses are weakened, viruses begin to activate. Including herpes.

There can be several reasons:

  1. Overwork, lack of sleep, stress.
  2. Abuse of alcohol, tobacco, coffee and strong black tea.
  3. Severe psychological states, depression.
  4. Improper diet with high amounts of carbohydrates with a lack of vitamins.

Ecology plays a significant role in weakening immunity.

What is the advantage of ointments?

Most people prefer to use it for the treatment of herpes ointment on the lips, rather than good pills. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The ointment has a double effect - it suppresses the activity of the virus and creates a soothing and insulating shell at the site of the rash, which reduces the risk of the virus spreading through the body and passing it around.
  2. The ointment allows you to process exactly the damaged areas of the skin, acting pointwise.
  3. It is also psychologically accepted that the pills infect the virus with the help of "chemistry" and act on the entire body (which is generally true), and the ointment is more natural and, thanks to its pinpoint use, is effective (which is also partly true).

As a result, herpes ointment on the lips are used more often, are available in large volumes and are better represented on the shelves of pharmacies. Therefore, it is worth getting to know them better.

The best cream and ointment for herpes on the lips

All local preparations intended for the treatment of viral infections can be divided into three large groups:

  1. Herpes ointment based on acyclovir and its derivatives. Drugs in this group have the strongest antiviral effect. The mechanism of their action is based on the destruction of the DNA of cells of the virus, which prevents its further development and spread and allows you to effectively fight the infection.
  2. Antivirals based on herbal ingredients. They are considered the most harmless to the body, have virtually no side effects, except for individual intolerance.
  3. Other antiviral ointments. These are preparations based on other active ingredients, including interferons and other substances that stimulate the immune system and strengthen the body's defenses, which allows it to cope with the infection itself.

To the question - how to smear herpes on the lips for a speedy recovery? In the list we give a list of the names of the best ointments and gels that are most effective when a cold appears on the lips.

  • Acyclovir is active against Epstein-Barr viruses, Herpes simplex 1 and 2, Varicella zoster virus, cytomegalovirus.
  • Vivorax - in the treatment of herpes, the enhancement of the therapeutic effect is observed when immunostimulants are given together.
  • Zovirax is the most widely advertised remedy for herpes on the lips, the manufacturer is Great Britain.
  • Gerperax is a producer India, with herpes it helps to prevent the formation of new rashes, reduces the development of visceral complications, promotes the rapid formation of crusts, anesthesia and relieves itching.
  • Alpizarin ointment is a tetrahydroxyglucopyranosylxanten, which is obtained from a medicinal plant of Alpine yellowing kopeck, from mango leaves, a family of sumach, legumes, and is produced both as an ointment and tablets.
  • Panavir is an antiviral and immunomodulating gel, which includes the extract of purified shoots of the plant Solanum tuberosum, in which the main active ingredient is hexose glycoside.
  • Bonafton - antiviral ointment, active against adenoviruses and Herpes simplex virus, active ingredient Bromnaftoquinone.
  • Viru Merz Serol is an effective antiviral gel, the active ingredient of which is Tromantadine. It is active against Herpeszoster viruses (chickenpox and herpes zoster) and Herpessimplex type I and II.

However, for the treatment of herpes on the lips with ointments and other local remedies, the pharmaceutical industry cannot offer anything better than acyclovir even to the question of how to anoint the herpes, in any drugstore you will be answered with Acyclovir, which has plenty of analogues.

How to apply ointment?

When applying the ointment should follow these rules:

  1. Adhere to the requirements of hygiene: before applying the ointment, wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap to avoid infection.
  2. For manipulations, it is better to use cotton buds, avoiding touching the rashes with your fingers. Cotton swabs should not be used, since their fibers can cling to the wound, which will cause painful sensations.
  3. It is imperative that you use new application tools each time, carefully disposing of the previous ones, since they can also be a source of infection for others.
  4. After applying, you should wait until the ointment is completely absorbed; it is not necessary to remove it with a napkin.

Remember that when the herpes blisters begin to burst, painful bleeding sores can appear on the skin. It is very easy to infect the infection in them, thus significantly complicating the healing process.


Acyclovir is an antiviral agent that has proven efficacy against herpes simplex (herpes simplex virus). The trade name Acyclovir can be found on tablets, ointment and cream. The ointment differs from the cream in a different consistency, many people find the cream more comfortable when applying.

Acyclovir can be found in another popular herpes medicine - Zovirax, manufactured in Great Britain. As a side effect of Zovirax, itching and redness can occur at the site of application. Other topical agents with acyclovir are Atsigerpine, Gervirax, Herperax, Vivorax, which are available in the form of creams. Acyclovir acre is also an ointment of the Russian manufacturer, which produces the usual Acyclovir, but it differs from it in components supplied from Spain.


Indian Vivorax is used when the patient is allergic to Acyclovir and Valaciclovir. The active ingredient is acyclovir, but it is in a bound form. Vivovrax is activated only in the body, so it does not give side effects. Sometimes when it is applied, itching and burning appear on those areas that have been treated.

Ointment against herpes Vivoraks should be applied to the damaged areas 4 times a day with an interval of about 4 hours and carefully ensure that it does not get into the mouth, nose and eyes. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


Its action is similar to the previous ointments, only this medicine reduces the duration of the eruptions themselves, herpes passes in a shorter time. It has another important advantage: tinting effect.

You can pick up the cream with the desired toning color: from beige to brown.

Viru Merz Serol

Viru-Mertz Serol gel on the basis of thromantadine quickly removes the painful manifestations of herpes, shortens the duration of the disease, when used in the first hours of the appearance of the infection, blocks its development.

The gel can be used for a long time, because the virus does not get used to the drug, in most cases the period of remission is prolonged.

Prevention of recurrent herpes

In order to prevent such an incident, you must first of all maintain your health, that is:

  • be protected from ailments;
  • do sport;
  • dress only according to the weather;
  • observe the mode of rest;
  • eat healthy foods;
  • do not self-medicate;
  • use vitamins;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • less to be in crowded places during flu epidemics.

These factors will work only for the benefit, and herpes can be forgotten for a long time.

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